Cypress Creek High School Interact Crew
Crew Leader(s): Ruqaayia  Najim, Julie  Lam
Next Workdate: April 6, 2019
DeBakey's Helping Hands Club Crew
Crew Leader(s): Omar Malik, Omar Malik
Next Workdate: February 16, 2019
Duke Houston Alumni Association Crew
Crew Leader(s): Robert Tai,  
Next Workdate: May 4, 2019
Energy Transfer Partners LP Crew
Crew Leader(s): Steve Ritter,  
Next Workdate: April 6, 2019
ExxonMobil Crew
Crew Leader(s): Don Grimm, Brad Rinderknecht
Next Workdate: April 6, 2019
Geico Regional Office

Open November 10 & 11, Only Saturdays

Every quarter our group participates in a philanthropic event to reinforce GEICO’s mission and commitment to community and further reinforce the best leadership ideals into our leaders. We actually just volunteered last weekend with the Houston Food Bank to help pack 900 boxes of food for Senior Citizens. We are a group of all leaders here in the GEICO organization, we can bring about 15-30 people to each event we volunteer at depending on availability of associates and need of the organization.


We are looking for an organization to work with in November for our 4th quarter event. We would need the event details to be finalized before October 25th.

Next Workdate: February 16, 2019
Harvey Volunteers

Next Workdate: February 16, 2019
Houston Black Firefighter Assocation Crew
Crew Leader(s): MICHAEL NORWOOD,  
Next Workdate: February 16, 2019
IL Texas Katy-Westpark High School Crew
Crew Leader(s): Twenewaa Adu-Oppong,  
Next Workdate: March 16, 2019
MVP & Northbrook High School Crew
Crew Leader(s): Donald Miller, Claire Hutchison
Next Workdate: April 13, 2019
Nebraska Synod of the ELCA Crew
Crew Leader(s): Pastor Becky Beckmann, Fred  Barnhardt
Next Workdate: February 18, 2019
Sharpstown International National Honor Society Crew
Crew Leader(s): Juan Venancio, Domingo  Ixcol
Next Workdate: February 16, 2019
Wells Fargo

Next Workdate: April 6, 2019